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BLiS Sherry Vinegar

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BLiS Sherry Vinegar Elixer
Blis Solera Sherry Vinegar Nine Years Old
Blis Doble Solera XO Sherry Vinegar Elixer
BLiS 9
Nine Year Old Maple Sherry Vinegar
BLiS ages fine sherry vinegar, in small batch single barrel bourbon casks that have previously aged BLiS pure maple syrup. This lends an enhanced sweetness and intense wood, orange peel, vanilla and butterscotch flavors to our BLiS 9 Sherry Vinegar not found in any other vinegars.
$12.95 / 375 ml
BLiS Elixer
Extra Old Fine Solera Sherry Vinegar
BLiS ages extra old, fine sherry vinegar a second time in rare, 18 year old, maple cured, single bourbon casks. Bourbon casks that have previously aged BLiS pure maple syrup for many months are assembled in a true solera system. While expensive and time consuming, this method of further aging produces a one of a kind, very complex sherry vinegar.  With notes of  butterscotch, vanilla and tart chocolate, BLiS Elixer Sherry Vinegar is more universal than balsamic in application due to its most interesting and unique flavor profile.
$79.95 / 100 ml
Blis Sherry Vinegar Cart Link Blis Sherry Vinegar Cart Link

BLiS Handcrafted Gourmet Natural Pure Maple Syrup
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